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Posted on 21 October 2016 ♥
Probably the once in a month update, too much pictures to update as baby Jayvin is getting more and more hiao, totally in love in being infront of the camera!

02 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Jayvin's Full Month according to the lunar calender so Mummy and me shaved his head ourselves at home. Here's it, before and after shaving his head!

Missing him so much with his hair although botak is cute too because it makes his face looks rounder!

03 SEPTEMBER 2016!
First day after confinement was soooooo awesome! Got to take my own sweet time to bath, having Zav to dye my hair and then wash my oily hair a few times during my bath! Can't describe the shiokness of being able to bathe after a month of confinement, 28 days to be exact!

Dinner with Zav was delivery from Umi Sushi because we had a voucher code for $10 off $30 orders, so worth it!

Premium Sushi & Maki, $9.90!

All Salmon, $11.20!

SOOOOO GOOD after craving for it for a month after giving birth, major happiness!!!

Our favourite Baby Octopus, $2.90!

Totally enjoyed the great dinner although we couldn't head out for a good meal, as we have our little boy with us!

04 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Zav's parents came to visit us and Jayvin as it has been almost 3 weeks since they last saw him.

Made him wore a hat because botak boy is shy!

Cherlyn and her bf came over too to visit us and asked for my cravings. I didn't want any bird's nest or chicken essence which she intended to get me in the first place so she got me some cakes as I craved for!

Lemon Orange Cake from Cedele, pretty good! Moist cake with slightly lemony buttercream, couldn't taste much of any orange though!

Very rich Chocolate Cake from Starbucks! It's really super gao and abit jelat after a few mouthfuls, not a fan of chocolate but really appreciate the time and effort that Cherlyn and Ashton spent to get me the cakes, also coming all the way to my place to visit me!

Cherlyn also passed me some wet tissues for bb soo with a really cute Doraemon casing and some souvenirs from her previous oversea trips! THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIEPIE from our 38 club! <3

05 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Being a botak day 4!

In his new Snoopy onesie!

06 SEPTEMBER 2016!

07 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Dinner was delivery from Truly Test Kitchen whic we ordered from WhatToEat which has a min. order of $30 and the food from Truly Test Kitchen are really affordable, most of it ranges from $4-$5 only so we ordered quite a bit for the 2 of us!

We got the Braised Soy Sauce Boneless Chicken Thigh Rice Bowl ($4), with added Pork Belly and Chicken Chop for only $1.50 each! Pan-Fried Carrot Cake w Eggs ($4), Cheese Fries ($4), Cabonara with Pork Belly, Pork Chop and Chicken Chop which is not in menu anymore. Cheese Sauce Dry Tossed Noodles and a box of Yam/Pumpkin/Carrot Mixed Cake for Mummy! All for only $30 (Excludes delivery charge of $2.99 and GST)!

Playtime with Jayvin after dinner and he is looking so much like Zav in this photo!

Purposely swaddle him up which he hates whenever he whines for no reason, his little punishment!

10 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Went to bathe while Zav helps me out with Jayvin, kept hearing his cries and because he cried too hard, a purple-red patch forms at his cheek! Super FHL because the next day is his full month party, meh!

It doesn't seems to hurt when we rubbed the area but super heartbreaking to see such a big bruise on his face. Tried the frozen tea bags and rubbing the area with warm towels but only it only subside a little.

Considered canceling the party but because we have already booked the buffet so Jayvin could only meet his guest with his bruised face! Sigh!

Some of the decorations fall off which we done the day before, especially this balloons wall which Zav and me really likes.

Looks really good in pictures and wanted to do it for the guests to take pictures with Jayvin.

Super depressing for it to happen and we had to redo the whole thing at 7am in the morning, poor Zav had his fingers hurting from tying the balloons!

Managed to get the 2nd one finished at 10am but it falls off again at about 12pm, and we ran out of tape so fuck it, we closed the room which we spent so many time decorating, boo!

Anyway, some other little decorations we did! Didn't wanna go overboard with it because it would mean more time to remove them after the party!

His party starts at 1pm and at 11.30am, he is still sleeping! Doesn't want to wake up to bath, plan-spoiler as usual!

Still dare to say bye with his hand like that before he fell asleep, what a baby!

Received a delivery at 11.35am and it was from Joanne! Thought it was from Zav's friends so I asked him to collect the package from the deliveryman then he said it was for Cynthia lah!

Haven't open the gift until today because the packaging is so nice! Thanks Joanne for the gift although she couldn't make it for the party and it was also her actual birthday!!

Catering arrived at 12.30pm and was done set up at 12.50pm, not really satisfied with the layout because the guy just left the plates, utensil and scoops in a bag on the table and then left! Thus, we set up the remaining ourselves!

Ordered from Neo Garden initially but didn't receive any reply after a week that I sent the order form so I called back to cancel the order because I found YLS Catering which provides more dishes at a lower price and they had the Kong Ba Bao!

Something I looked forward to, I would say it tastes okay but not the best!

We ordered the $10.80 per person menu which had 9+1 course free and drinks for 40 pax!

Ordered the Fried Maggi Noodle, Curry Chicken, Soya Sauce Braised Duck, Cereal Prawn, Braised Beancurd, Sliced Fish w Dried Chili, Prawn Sauce Chicken, Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling and the Braised Pork w Bun!

Dessert was Yam Paste w Coconut Milk which was their specialty, it's really damn gao and shiok! Very generous portion as well!

It was only $506 including delivery charges and GST, super worth it for the serving size served! Food were all pretty fine, dessert was the best to me!

Also rented some stools and tables to set up at the lift area because my place isn't big enough for more than 30pax!

Some wefies with Zav before the party starts because so long since we last took pictures! :(

Started to be busy entertaining guests who came from 1pm onward especially Zav because most of them were his friends or colleagues!

My 2 fav cousins came at 2plus and took pictures with Jayvin, probably the only few who did so because this boy kept sleeping throughout, ignoring about who carries him as long as he is being carried.

So thankful for Mummy whom helps to entertain some of the guests and also cooking some extra food as Zav had some Malay colleagues whom came over and the catering weren't halal!

Priscilla, her bf, Peh and Eunice all came late like 3plus when the party was ending but still very glad that they still came down all the way especially they are all staying in the East!

Priscilla also got me some Strawberry Wafers from Royce apart from the angbao for bb soo! THANKS PRIS! <3

Tear down everything at 6pm when everyone has gone off already and it was opening the gifts time after cleaning up!

Thank you so much for everyone whom make time and come down all the way, with gifts/red packets for Jayvin!

Was so drained and tired after the party that we K.O pretty early that night!

14 SEPTEMBER 2016!
CynZav's Monthsary but what is monthsary when we have bb soo with us so we couldn't really head out to celebrate too!

Relieved that the bruise on BB Soo's face has mostly went off and he was as usual a active boy who kept flipping!

15 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Still not sure how he could fall asleep like that, in this really awkward position!

17 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Very guilty face of Jayvin at 5am because he vomited and feels bad about creating a mess so he became really yang-oh with his Ahma!

Heh, finds that he looks so cute here!

18 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Lunch with Zav from Umi Sushi again because we utilize the voucher again for $10 off, damn shiok! And this is our lunch at 1.40pm!

Jayvin at 10pm whereby we swaddle him again for fun and he looks super bochup!

20 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Wearing his customized Captain America onesie which his Gugu bought for him but printed his name wrongly :X

It was already too small for him after wearing it 2 times after this, little boy is really growing up fast!

22 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Nuaing while his daddy slept!

First time wearing sleeveless clothes which his Gugu bought, photos before we head back to my place to stay for 2 nights!

Photos are from his daddy!

23 SEPTEMBER 2016!
Chilling with his Ahma, watching TV together!

25 SEPTEMBER 2016!
This is how Jayvin sleeps while we had our lunch, delivered by WhatToEat again because we are so lazy, FOL!

Our lunch, Japanese Cuisine again! YAY! Can't remember the exact name of the shop but the food was good, not really cheap though!

My Lobster Roll which were really good but I couldn't enjoy much due to my swollen tonsils, sigh!

Here's what we had together, love all the food but throat hurts too much to eat! Heaty due to lack of sleep, boo!

And because I'm lazy already after drafting this post, some photo collages of the month!

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Posted on 30 September 2016 ♥
HEYO! Been a month plus since I last updated because I could barely have any me-time nowadays especially when baby Jayvin have became ultra clingy that I couldn't even head to the toilet when we are alone at home. Sigh.

Also down with really high fever for 3 days, swollen tonsils and really bad shoulder ache past few days. It was so bad because I couldn't go close to Jayvin and when night comes, he will start to look for me when he wanna sleep. Been so lack of sleep since the birth of Jayvin, really can't wait for him to grow up and could sleep through the night without waking up for milk every 1-2hrs.

This might be a long post as I have over 400 photos which I have not posted about!

Soooo, a mega throwback to 08 August 2016 when I ordered 14 days worth of confinement lunch from Natal Essentials at $447.26 for 14 meals which includes 2 dishes + 1 soup + rice and Longan Red Date Tea.

My first meal includes Sesame Sauce Chicken, Spinach w Ikan Bilis, Pork Rib Soup. Tasted slight more bland but serving is huge! Usually I could split the meal and eat it for dinner as well.

BB Soo on 08 August!

09 AUGUST 2016!

10 AUGUST 2016!

There wasn't delivery for 09 Aug due to PH but I loveeeeeeeeee the Honey Chicken Wings which came with the meal on 10 Aug! Major yum, Zav tried and love it too!

And BB SOO on 10th Aug!

11 AUGUST 2016!
No pictures of confinement meals because not all food are worth mentioning.

Very amazed by how much Jayvin's face seems to change everyday since his birth!

12 AUGUST 2016!

Also received a hamper from Zav's company for BB Soo which comes in really cute box!

Comes with 3 Bottles of Bird's Nest, Clothing Set, 2 Packets Drypers, Baby Bib, Wooden Jigsaw, Feeding Bowl, and Photo Frame! Thank you WSS!

13 AUGUST 2016!

13 Aug's meal was my favourite confinement meal from N.E throughout the 14 days because every dish was to my liking! Kailan w Pig Liver, Sweet & Sour Threadfin and Papaya Pork Rib Soup, all were really good! Love it!

Little Soo!

Collage of Jayvin's photo from 15 AUG - 31 AUG!

So fascinated with his different set of expressions and although biased, it's damn cute to me! HEHE! Good job Womb!

Clothing set from UOB for Jayvin which Uncle Leong brought down when he came to visit on 19th AUG!

So adorable!

22 AUGUST 2016!
Tried the new pizza from Pizza Hut and it was really good! Also the end of my 14 days of confinement meals! Yay, although food were alright but really couldn't drink some of the tonic soup which were super bitter/tasteless!

Mummy settled my meal for the rest of my confinement period! Should have just not order any confinement food because Mummy's cooking is da best to me!

27 AUGUST 2016!
Got the delivery for the limited edition Pringles that I ordered from Qoo10, Honey Mustard tasted the best to me! YUMZ!

And that's how the month of August went for me! Tied up with taking care of little soo and doing housework while recovering from childbirth and doing confinement! Survived! Thanks to the help of Zav and Mummy!

Still 8kg away from Pre-Pregnancy weight and still finding time to do some exercise but really hard as Jayvin is seriously sticking to me 24/7! ZOMG!

Goodluck me for the many more months and years with Jayvin to come!

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