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Posted on 23 August 2016 ♥
YOHO! Probably the longest period of time since I last updated this space, also been awhile since I could leisurely use my laptop. Been really busy taking care of my little baby Jayvin since his birth while doing my confinement with help from Zav since he is still on leave. Good luck to me after Zav goes back to work from 25th.

On a side note, 10 more days till end of my confinement! Can't wait to have a good long bath and have my fill of Sashimi, Bar Chor Mee, Fried Carrot Cake which I have been craving so much for.

04 AUGUST 2016!
Decided to take a photo of my tummy with little Jayvin still in it as a keepsake because I was 39 weeks plus and could give birth anytime. Who knows it was the day that I was going to give birth!!

39 weeks + 3 days!

Had mild contraction in the morning at about 8plus which I thought was just some usual cramps. Spent the morning still doing my usual housework then napped from noon till about 3plus and realized I had my bloody show at around 4.30pm. Quickly went to search online and estimated myself to give birth within 2-3 days.

Called my mum to ask her if it was because I am going to give birth soon because I kept having the runs and she said yes. Sent Zav a message while he was working just to give him a warning in advance.

Contractions started from around 6plus and kept getting stronger till around 8plus when I couldn't really sit around so I went to lie down on bed to rest because I didn't want to head to the hospital too early.

Zav came over at 8.30pm after his work, contacted my gynae (Dr Sim Lee Ngor) since she was on leave but luckily she was already back in SG!

Packed the last of my hospital bag and cabbed over to Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) at 9plus. Reached at almost 10pm, went straight to the observation ward at level 2 while Zav went to help me with the registration at level 1.

Contraction kept getting stronger and I was only 3cm dilated at 10plus. Took the Entonox (laughing gas) as the pain relieving method as the nurse suggested since I didn't want the epidural.

Went to the labour ward at around 11pm where I was just mainly struggling with the painful contractions while waiting for me to be 10cm dilated so I could start pushing.

At around 5cm dilated, I was thinking why didn't I took the epidural and at about 8cm dilated, I regretted not going for c-section in the first place as the contractions was so mf painful!!! Ultimately, I managed to have the normal delivery without any forceps etc and gave birth to my little son at 05 August 2016, 1.40am! Nearly needed the help of forceps since his heartbeat was falling fast and I didn't had any energy to push fast due to not having any food after 4pm and all the diarrhea!

Weighed 3.635kg and length of 50cm. So so so thankful when I heard his cries because he didn't actually make any noise at first and only started crying after quite awhile.

Was sooooo hungry after pushing this little boy out and Zav went to get me a cup of milo while we waited to be transferred to the ward.

Some pictures that Zav took since I didn't have my phone with me and all I felt was sleepy, probably due to the laughing gas and terribly hungry!

Was wheeled to the 2 bedded ward at about 3am as we pre-booked during the early stage of pregnancy. Settled down everything and Zav managed to accompany me till morning by having short little close-eyes here and there since the nurses kept coming in to check on me and even checked if I wanna breastfeed the baby.

Didn't have any sleep because I was seriously starving. All I wanted was some proper food so I was actually just waiting for breakfast till almost 8am when my kuey tiao soup was served!

Honestly, it's totally tasteless but pretty good to an empty tummy. Finished like 1/4 of it and I was surprisingly full already.

The nurse brought Baby Jayvin in at 9plus and we finally could have a good look at him and spend some time with him after he had a clean bath!

His face was so chubby although his hands and legs are more to the slimmer side, cutiepie!

Zav went out for his brunch at around 10am as he also didn't have any food from probably 6pm the day before.

Some selfies at the ward since I was alone after baby went back to the nursery to have his milk.

Right eye was actually really red in rl due to some blood vessels burst while pushing baby out but not sure why in pictures, my eyes looks fine.

Some wefies with bb soo too!

Mummy came over to visit me at 1plus since it was just nice that she had a day off while Zav and I was napping fora little while.

Chatted with mummy while Zav went to settle little Jayvin's birth certificate etc.

Baby came back to my ward at around 2plus and stayed till 8plus in the evening. More pictures of little Jayvin at around 5pm!

Zav's Mama came over to visit me after her work at almost 7pm.

All 3 of them went back home at around 8pm since 8pm was the end of the visiting hours. Managed to sleep for 2hrs before I was awake for the whole night since I wasn't used to sleeping at the hospital. It was literally my first time staying at the hospital and it was practically just me in the whole ward since the lady beside me discharged that afternoon.

06 AUGUST 2016!
Couldn't sleep for the whole night so I was just looking forward to breakfast although the meals weren't fabulous.

Zav came over at 10am with his breakfast and breads for me in case I'm hungry which I seldom would in the day since I was served like 3 meals with snacks/soups in between meals.

Could have discharged at 11am but stayed till 5pm because baby haven't had his injection which means additional half day charge for me.

Here's little Jayvin at 35hours old and unlocked his achievement of holding his own milk bottle.

Cherlyn and her bf came over to visit me at around 1pm plus and chatted with us for a bit before they went for their late lunch.

Priscilla came at 3plus with a hamper for me and a carebear for bb soo, thank you! <3

Tada! Probably the first hamper that I ever received in my life.

Priscilla stayed and chatted with me while Zav went to settle some of the discharge stuffs at level 1 as it is probably our first meet up of 2016 too! Seriously, need to catch up!

Here's Jayvin at 4pm, waiting to discharge together!

Priscilla helped to carry all the bags that we have; mostly free stuffs that TMC or some brands gave so we had like 7 bags including our own hospital bag.

Went to the nursery to fetch Jayvin and some stuffs for him before Priscilla accompanied us to the taxi stand since we have alot bags to carry. Thank you so much babe!

Cabbed back home at 5plus and it has been like 17 days since I last headed out. So lack of sleep everyday ever since I gave birth.

Wound is recovering pretty well with slight pain from time to time but still good especially when I have really low pain tolerance.

Still hadn't receive the final bill from the hospital as we paid 1.8K as deposit at the Gynae's clinic few weeks before I gave birth and Zav paid 2.5K deposit when doing my admission and $300 when discharging. So, I'm not sure how much more we have to topup after deducting Medisave.

Still very thankful to be able to give birth via normal delivery smoothly and extreme pain was just for 3hrs, much shorter than usual first-time birth already. Thankful for Zav who actually stayed with me throughout, from delivery till confinement. Accompanied me for my toilet trips at the hospital when my wound was actually hurting the most after delivery. Tries his best to help me with most of the housework during my confinement so far and helping with taking care of baby especially in the night.

Happy that friends made time to visit me in the hospital although it was just 2 days stay and grateful for mummy whom made time to bathe baby in the morning before she heads to work since I couldn't keep touching water during confinement, and cooking extras for me in case the 14 days of confinement food that I ordered wasn't enough. Also, remembers to cook for Zav while he stays home to take care of bb and me. Thankful for Zav's parents who were fine with me doing confinement at my own place and coming over to visit us on 2 Sundays.

Posted on 30 July 2016 ♥

27 JULY 2016!
Buffet for lunch at Pomo with Zav because he took leave from work. Was craving for Japanese cuisine so we went for it free flow at Irodori Japanese Restaurant, at the Pomo outlet since it was more convenient for us.

Reached at 12pm and it was empty although the buffet started at 11.30am, loves weekdays!

It was usually $36.80++ but they had some sort of promotion which was $30nett but we idiot-ly ordered 2 drinks; Grape and Orange juice at $6++ each which came up to $74.12 for both of us.

Anyway, the food we had!

Unlimited order of Agedashi Tofu, Salmon Mayo Maki, Pork w Ginger Sauce, Tofu Salad, Takoyaki, Bacon w Sausage, Yakitori which was really good and Skewered Mushroom.

Green Tea Tofu which we are entitled to a serving each and it tasted really good!! No hinge of green tea taste since I am not a fan of it. Chawanmushi was good as well, unlimited serving.

Mentaiko Prawn which we are also only entitled to a portion each, picture is for the portion we had for 2. Really shiok amount of mentaiko, slurp!

Salmon Sashimi which we ordered the serving of 2 person and it comes in quite alot of slices. Not exactly the freshest but really thick slice, shiok! Tuna Sashimi which was good as well. Reason we went for buffet was to have all the yummy sashimi!!

Ended our meal at 1plus because we were stuffed after finishing all of the above. Worth the money, I would say!


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