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Posted on 24 February 2017 ♥

27 JANUARY 2017!
CNY eve and we dressed bb soo in his Guji Guji outfit which was a little too big for him but still incredibly cute!!

Went back home to visit Mummy, also to eat alot of food, really fat life chooses us!

28 JANUARY 2017!
1st day of CNY and our little family dressed up all in shades of red!

BB Soo in really traditional chinese outfit which had a wide cutting between the fake buttons, bad design!

Went to Mummy's house to bai nian and we managed to take some wefies too with my camera, so long since we last dressed up to take some proper photos!

Very rare photo with bb looking at the camera because it was so hard to get his attention and make him stay still for 3 sec!

And CynZav wefies!

29 JANUARY 2017!
Went for prata after a simple brunch at home because I was craving for it! Went to Springleaf at Thomson but it was so packed with people queuing for a table at 2pm+ so we decided to go to the outlet at Rail Mail! Great decision because we could easily get a table!

We had Mushroom Cheese Prata, Egg Benny Prata and my favourite Tissue Prata to share! So far, springleaf is my #1 prata place! Zav had Shirley Temple while I had Soursop which was very meh!

Bill was about $20+ for the above because both of the drinks was already $8.90 so it's considered very reasonably priced for the prata!

02 FEBRUARY 2017!
Brought BB out with us and dressed him in the outfit that Aunt Kelly got him!

So cute to see him wearing suspender although he just loves to dress light, like tank tops etc!

We went to Foch Road to takeaway the Japanese Don because it was a relatively new shop so we quickly went to try before more people knows about it!

I got the Salmon Mentaiko Don while Zav had the Garlic Parmesan Chicken Don with a Miso soup to share! Total was around $20 if I didn't remember wrongly! Very generous amount of rice though and the salmon and chicken were all very well done although we had to wait about 15-20minutes for it with no crowd!

Since it was near The Tiramisu Hero, Zav drove us over for me to takeaway the tiramisu and I finally get to eat it after probably 1-2 years since I last had it!

Bought 3 of it, Strawberry for us to share, Durian for my mummy and Original for Zav's mummy!

It was $24.50 for 3 of it as Durian was a premium flavour but pretty alright because the tiramisu were good and the little jar was so cute!

03 FEBRUARY 2017!
Went to Mummy's house and she bought Yusheng for us to Lou Hei at night!

I spent some time to place the sashimi nicely for photo purpose then my mum, super disiao went to pour everything else on top of it........ Now, where's the sashimi?

Zav kept laughing about it while I was whining about it!

04 JANUARY 2017!
Supper for Zav at home because he had OT and didn't had any dinner even at almost 10pm! He was craving for some maggie mee because it has been months since he last had it so I cooked for him with some bak kwa on top of it which he kept shaking his head about! Super disiao right!

With Ma You ji somemore!

05 FEBRUARY 2017!
Brought BB soo to Nihon Mura with us for lunch and it was the worst decision ever! OMG!

Kept eating the baby chair when sitting on it so we had to carry him out then he decided to keep jumping and screaming, super fol but managed to sit for a little when he was fed some sweet potato since there weren't much that he could eat!

One of the most 喘 meal in my life! Never gonna eat out with him again till he's older!

Anyway, here's the food we had! Sashimi and Mentai Scallop cravings satisfied!

Bill was $47.08 for 40 plates including the GST and Service Charge, so thankful for the ongoing promotion, heh!

And little boy was so cheeky when he reached home!

Dinner at 8.30pm and we went to Srisun Express at Blk 212 Hougang St 21, #01-343 S(530212).

Cheese Fries ($4), cheese sauce was very generous and fries was crispy and not too oily! Zav's Egg Chili Prata ($2.10) and my Mushroom Egg Prata ($3.10) plus we shared Coin Prata w Chicken Curry ($6), a little spicy for me but the coin prata was good!

Zav had Lychee Spin ($3) while I had the Ice Horlick Godzilla, super generous with their horlick powder like it was free and such a big glass was just $3.50!

With 10% service charge, total was $23.85! So worth it because we were soooooooo full after finishing them all!

08 FEBRUARY 2017!

My little cheeky bee!

09 FEBRUARY 2017!
Had Chizza for dinner and it was not bad! Quite to my liking though it was a little spicy!

12 FEBRUARY 2017!
Went for lunch with Zav while we left bb with his parents because it was a advanced Valentine's lunch since V day was on a weekday!

Decided to head to Xiao Ya Tou for our lunch because the food looks really good when I was browsing Burpple!

Didn't reserve a table but managed to get one without waiting since there weren't much crowd when we reached at 12pm!

Soup of the day with very well fried Mantou which comes with the mains we ordered. I had the Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($16), portion was just nice and comes with alot of spam luncheon meat! Crispy Crab Cake ($14), very well fried and flavourful with generous amount of crab meat!

Zav had the Immunity Booster ($12) and I had a little, prefer to spend on the food than drinks!

Also had the highly raved Unagi Benedict although I was never a fan of unagi! It was so crispy on the outside and very melty on the inside, very well marinated too! Bread was well toasted; crispy and not tough!

Total bill was $76.50 including service charge and GST! Still very worth it for the quality of the food served! YUMZ!

Went to collect the macarons that I pre-ordered for Zav after we had our lunch!

Super pretty and it's seriously one of the better macarons, not too sweet also! Zav loved it!!! Yay!

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Posted on 21 February 2017 ♥
Still not yet finished with updating on 2016, finally could find a little time to update because I'm staying at home for a few days while Zav is on his work trip!

18 DECEMBER 2016!
Brought Jayvin for his mini photoshoot at Baby U Studio as appointment at about 2pm!

Little boy was just awake from his nap so most of the pictures, he looked really blur and was a little whiny when the girls at the studio tried to get his attention to look at the camera. Still managed to get a few nice shots though!





23 DECEMBER 2016!
Lunch at 2.30pm with Zav and Mummy, very meh Taiwanese Cuisine at IMM before we went for some grocery shopping with bb soo!

24 DECEMBER 2016!
Had to bring bb out with us for lunch because there weren't anyone to help us take care so we went all the way to Serangoon to try Ah Di Hokkien Mee because I was craving for some hokkien mee!

Here's bb looking really cheery while we waited 40mins for my hokkien mee!

Dinner was some western food from Sun Plaza's Kopitiam because we couldn't find any parking at the western stall which we wanted to go to!

My poor ribeye steak which I asked for medium rare but came very well done, couldn't expect much. Thankful that the pasta was alright!

25 DECEMBER 2016!
Lunch at 1+ pm and we managed to head out just the 2 of us because Zav's parents were home so we could leave bb home!

Went to Nihon Mura at Rivervale Mall since we expected it to be less crowded compared to the other outlets! Went for the 40plates promotion so we could had them at $1+ each plate!

Mentai Scallop which was really shiok that we ordered 2 more despite being really stuffed from all the sushi!

26 DECEMBER 2016!
Brought bb out with us to takeaway lunch and dressed him in his Santa outfit because he didn't managed to go out on Christmas!


01 JANUARY 2017!
New year with my little family! Zav brought me out for lunch, we had western food at Noelle's Signatures (Blk 302 Woodlands Street 31).

I had the Ribeye Steak, Medium Rare with Mac & Cheese and Potato salad for my sides! Really good, so flavourful and everything's to my liking! YUMZ!

Zav's Pork Chop with Mashed Potato and Coleslaw, mashed potato was really good and pork chop was tender as well! So well done!!

And bb soo at almost 5 months old!

Really loves his expression on the right because he opened it really big when we asked for big eyes pose!

Had dessert at Holy Cow Creamery after dinner because I've been wanting to try it!

Managed to get a table despite the crowd and our waffle with ice cream after about 10minutes wait!

Original Waffle with Honeycomb Ice Cream and Pink Sorbet! Both was good and waffle was really crispy and fragrant, really likes it!!

07 JANUARY 2017!
Play time with bb in the evening and we disturbed him by putting him into the pillow case! Surprisingly, he was really happy about it! Buey tahan this little boy!

09 JANUARY 2017!
Brought bb out for a haircut since we were heading to Bedok so we brought him to my fav Real Salon and he had his first official hair cut and trimmed off some of his messy hair!

Aunt Kelly even gave him 2 clothes which she specially bought for him despite being really busy at the salon since it was going to be CNY period!

So thankful because I didn't expected it and felt really bad for taking it!

12 JANUARY 2017! 
Poor boy had his first fever after his injection in the afternoon but still managed to look cheerful taking photos at 11+pm!

15 JANUARY 2017!
Lunch at Nihon Mura again because both of us loves Japanese food and also because I could spam eat on the sashimi, thanks to the promotion!

Some of our favourites! My favourite was the Salmon Belly Sashimi, so damn good and we managed to had like 8 plates of it alone before it went OOS! HAHA!

20 JANUARY 2017!
Wore his new clothes from Aunt Kelly so some pictures of bb!

22 JANUARY 2017!
Lunch at Mongkok Dim Sum because it has been awhile since we last ate dimsum!

We over-ordered because we were so hungry when we reached!

Zav had the 3 Color Milk Tea which taste a little like Caramel Milk tea while I had the Lemon Tea! We also had the Hakka Tofu, Scallop Chee Cheong Fan which I like and Liu Sha Bao which had really flowy liu sha!

Beef Hor Fun which we couldn't finished as we were too full from eating the rest so we dabao it! Siew Mai and 2 sets of XLB because it has been awhile since Zav last had it! Also Fried Beancurd Skin w Oyster Sauce!

Most of the food were good and reasonably priced! Took away an extra set of Liu Sha Bao and Scallop Chee Cheong Fan for Mummy since her workplace was nearby!

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