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Posted on 07 December 2016 ♥
Staying at home for most of this week as Mummy is on leave to clear some leaves while Zav is away for reservist. Thankful man!!

Been feeling really lethargic lately with really bad headaches happening very often yet I can't get to sleep whenever I am able to.. sigh!

Lot of throwback pictures, so here we go!

01 NOVEMBER 2016!

Jayvin of the day!

Super cute!! Can't resist squeezing his face because his cheeks are sooooo squeezable!!! HEHE!

Dinner for the day was delivery from Jinjja Chicken! Not cheap because minimum for delivery is $49 and delivery fee is $5. Glad that the food was quite good!

We got the Jinjja Wings (Soy Garlic / Monster, 6pcs for $7.90), Monster one was hell, really damn spicy! Zav had the Jjajang Myeon ($9.90 + $2 Chicken Cutlet) while I had the Soy Garlic Chicken Burger ($10.50 including fries and Sikhye), pretty good just a tad salty for me! Also got the Yangnyeom Jinjja Drumstick ($8.90 for 3), fantastic!

Ordered the Seafood Jjamppong for Zav's mama also and the monster one was total hell, major spicy as she said.

02 NOVEMBER 2016!
In his basketball onesie, one of the rare clothes that he would wear because he hates the heat!

And lunch for the day was delivery from Jim's Bakery Cafe, lazy us!

I had the Egg Mayo Panini which was a big serving, tasted pretty alright!

Zav had the Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio which was abit too dry and bland.

Ordered the Okonomiyaki to share and it was the best among all!

03 NOVEMBER 2016!

04 NOVEMBER 2016!

07 NOVEMBER 2016!

Let him carry his Monkey bag which we took out from his carrier and his clothes looks like a school uniform for him! Cannot tahan how happy he was after we put his bag on him!

08 NOVEMBER 2016!
His sleepy face, :D!

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Posted on 25 November 2016 ♥

16 OCTOBER 2016!

In his banana prints onesie!

 And he managed to sit on his own with some support from the sofa at 10 weeks old! ^__^

17 OCTOBER 2016!

When I use his handkerchief as his hat and he's super happy about it.

19 OCTOBER 2016!

Evening where he practiced standing on everyone's tummy.

20 OCTOBER 2016!

Sailor Soo! ^-^

23 OCTOBER 2016!
One of the rare days where we are able to head out for a meal, because Zav's parents helped us to take care of this little Soo.

Went for lunch at Empire State, one of my favourite western restaurant.

Here's our meal at 12pm!

Zav ordered the BBQ Pork Ribs ($17.90) which he found it surprisingly filling. Ribs was tender and very flavourful! YUMZ!

I had the Grilled Chicken Fettuccine ($14.90) and it was one of the best cream based pasta I ever had! Creamy yet not too jelat, portion was really huge as well! Damn worth the money!

We also had 2 drinks at $5.90 each, Apple Paradise and Tango Peach!

Whole bill came up to $52.49 inclusive of GST and service charges! 

Enjoyed the meal whereby we didn't have to worry about Jayvin, hehe!

24 OCTOBER 2016!
Wore his new spects which we bought online, shade and a funny spect!

Funny thing is how he quietly let us put on spects on him and even pose infront of the camera :D

With his shades, hehe!

26 OCTOBER 2016!

And our dinner at 5.30pm was western food delivery from Deliveroo!

Food was alright, nothing really great or too bad.

27 OCTOBER 2016!

Had our brunch at almost 11am with food from AMGD, healthy food once in a while!

First try, food was quite good but not really filling and we are not suitable for healthy food! 很有吃草的感觉! It was around $30 for both, not that cheap but there's alot ingredients so quite alright lah!

28 OCTOBER 2016!

Dressed up to head out to my Mummy's place but this boy wasn't in a good mood because he waited quite awhile before we started to head out and he is not happy about it! HAHA!

29 OCTOBER 2016!
Rare day where he wore a long sleeve to sleep because this boy hardly wear long sleeve clothing since his birth.

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