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Posted on 25 November 2016 ♥

16 OCTOBER 2016!

In his banana prints onesie!

 And he managed to sit on his own with some support from the sofa at 10 weeks old! ^__^

17 OCTOBER 2016!

When I use his handkerchief as his hat and he's super happy about it.

19 OCTOBER 2016!

Evening where he practiced standing on everyone's tummy.

20 OCTOBER 2016!

Sailor Soo! ^-^

23 OCTOBER 2016!
One of the rare days where we are able to head out for a meal, because Zav's parents helped us to take care of this little Soo.

Went for lunch at Empire State, one of my favourite western restaurant.

Here's our meal at 12pm!

Zav ordered the BBQ Pork Ribs ($17.90) which he found it surprisingly filling. Ribs was tender and very flavourful! YUMZ!

I had the Grilled Chicken Fettuccine ($14.90) and it was one of the best cream based pasta I ever had! Creamy yet not too jelat, portion was really huge as well! Damn worth the money!

We also had 2 drinks at $5.90 each, Apple Paradise and Tango Peach!

Whole bill came up to $52.49 inclusive of GST and service charges! 

Enjoyed the meal whereby we didn't have to worry about Jayvin, hehe!

24 OCTOBER 2016!
Wore his new spects which we bought online, shade and a funny spect!

Funny thing is how he quietly let us put on spects on him and even pose infront of the camera :D

With his shades, hehe!

26 OCTOBER 2016!

And our dinner at 5.30pm was western food delivery from Deliveroo!

Food was alright, nothing really great or too bad.

27 OCTOBER 2016!

Had our brunch at almost 11am with food from AMGD, healthy food once in a while!

First try, food was quite good but not really filling and we are not suitable for healthy food! 很有吃草的感觉! It was around $30 for both, not that cheap but there's alot ingredients so quite alright lah!

28 OCTOBER 2016!

Dressed up to head out to my Mummy's place but this boy wasn't in a good mood because he waited quite awhile before we started to head out and he is not happy about it! HAHA!

29 OCTOBER 2016!
Rare day where he wore a long sleeve to sleep because this boy hardly wear long sleeve clothing since his birth.

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Posted on 09 November 2016 ♥
Probably the once a month post!

03 OCTOBER 2016!

Super cute sleeping pose and more pictures because he loves being infront of the camera!

04 OCTOBER 2016!
Domino''s for dinner with Zav and family because it was raining heavily so we were very lazy to head out to buy food.

All were really good, worth the money! I love Domino's!

Also the day that BB decided to be less lazy and hold his own bottle while drinking milk, and even holding his nose pump! Hehe!

05 OCTOBER 2016!

Really loves the camera so it's always 100+ photos of him in a week. Not a easy baby to take care of and time to time, really wanna give up but somehow, his smile gives me energy and of course, support from Zav and our family members.

06 OCTOBER 2016!

Jayvin of the day!

07 OCTOBER 2016!
Funny thing is how he will always whine and when we whip our phone camera out, he will straight smile at the camera!

08 OCTOBER 2016!

Forever eating hands, sigh!

09 OCTOBER 2016!

Poser Soo!

10 OCTOBER 2016!

Sleepy Ducky!

11 OCTOBER 2016!

12 OCTOBER 2016!
Disturbing him is my past time since most of the time, only 2 of us are together!

HEHE, annoying mom!

13 OCTOBER 2016!

Pineapple Boy!

14 OCTOBER 2016!
Second Anniversary since we got together and because Mummy had her day off, she helped us to take care of our little boy so we could head out for a meal to celebrate our anni!

Zav went out for some work errands in the morning while I stayed home till around 1pm+ before heading to town to meet Zav!

Some selfies because it's not often that I have the time to doll up and head out nowadays.

Still 8kg away from pre-pregnancy weight and it's so hard to lose them with bb soo clinging on me everyday, sigh.

Pictures of my little boy before leaving house! Heh!

Met up with Zav at Somerset at around 2.30pm and we went to Genki Sushi at OC for our lunch because I have been wanting to try it!

And our lunch at 2.45pm! So glad that we didn't have to wait for a table because it wasn't that crowded after lunch hours. 

We had quite abit of food. Seared Salmon w Pollock Roe Sushi ($2.80), Salmon Triple Flavour ($3.80), Hana Sushi ($5.80), Black Sugar Fried Tofu Skin Sushi ($1.80), Tamago Sushi ($1.80), Crab Triple Flavour ($3.80), Tamago Pollock Roe Sushi ($2.30, so worth it!!), Salmon Supreme ($3.80), Salmon Sashimi ($5.80, slurp!), Steamed Egg Custard w Crab Roe ($3.80, Best Chawanmushi ever!), Idako ($3.80), Agedashi Tofu ($3.80), Anmitsu ($5.80, our dessert which was pretty good to have after a great meal), Salmon Sampler ($2, 3 pcs of sushi for $2 promotion)!

Total bill inclusive of 2 drinks and the above, + GST and service charges is only $65.91, damn worth it! So full and satisfied after the great meal, hehe!

Went to Manekineko KTV at Cineleisure after that for our long awaited ktv session, so long since we last went to sing! The outlet at *SCAPE was full so we head to the one at Cineleisure which was $15 for 2 hours per pax!

Some wefies in the ktv room because we hardly takes pictures nowadays!

Went to Takashimaya after that to dabao some food for dinner and my favourite croquettes and we took the bus back home!

Enjoyed the short day out but felt guilty for leaving my son at home, #momwoes

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