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Posted on 05 April 2017 ♥
Finally booked a short oversea trip for next month and it has been probably a year since I last went oversea! Gonna bring my little burden soo along this time, no choice but better than nothing! So excited yet nervous to bring along the small boy!

Lots of old photos to update!

13 FEBRUARY 2017!
Received my Valentine's Day present one day earlier from Zav which was also an advanced wedding anniversary and monthsary present!

Lot of Tsum Tsum stuffs because I always finds them cute, thank you B for your effort! ^_^

Didn't really have time to shop for him this time with BB around so I got him a random Tiramisu cake from a nearby bakery!

Looks pretty but tasted really meh! :S

14 FEBRUARY 2017!
Mummy had her off day so bb soo and I went out with Mummy to Raffles City because I needed to buy something for Zav really last minutely! :X

BB Soo fell asleep on the bus, on our way there.

Donuts from JCO and mini donuts DIY-ed into a mini bouquet at home + Choux Puffs from Koki Tamagoyaki! It's $4.30 each but lots of filling and slightly a little sweet but the choux puff was good!!

Takeaway dinner from Koki Tamagoyaki for Zav as well since he's always a fan of Tamagoyaki!

Not exactly cheap for a takeaway store but food quality was good despite us having it like 4hrs after I ordered it.

Zav had the usual Tamagoyaki with Pork Katsu and Unami Mushroom Rice which he likes the taste of it while I had the Mentaiko Tamagoyaki with Char-shu and Unami Mushroom Rice. Tamago still remains soft on the outside and moist on the inside despite the long hours after it was prepared. Worth a try!

17 FEBRUARY 2017!
Here is BB soo after he had his injection, selfie time!

19 FEBRUARY 2017!
Zav had a day off so we managed to head out for lunch without bb for our anniversary lunch! Hehe!

Went to Triple V Coffee House again because I was missing their steak!

Zav had lemon tea while I had the Ice Chocolate which was a little diluted since there were lots of ice!

Cream of Mushroom was the soup of the day and we had a portion to try, lots of mushroom chunks. Not bad!

I had the Creamy Pasta with Grilled Salmon ($12.90), pasta was great and salmon was well grilled with it being juicy despite looking dry! Damn good!!

Crepe Poulet ($9.90) to share because I was craving for crepe! Not really the type of crispy crepe which I like but very generous filling so worth the price!

Sirloin Steak ($16.90) which was what I came for, still very well done, juicy and tender + flavourful! Love it max!!!

Total came up to less than $50, only $46.50 for such great quality and serving!

22 FEBRUARY 2017!

BB Soo of the day!

25 FEBRUARY 2017!
Zav brought BB Soo and I to Race Course Road to dabao Salt Grilled Chicken from Lam's back home for lunch!

I got the Abalone Noodle with Chicken Drumstick and Zav had the Chicken Drumstick with rice and we shared a Braised Tofu which was really good! BB even liked the Mee Pok which he ate alot, surprisingly!

Dinner was at Enaq Prata because I love how crispy their prata is!

Their curry is not bad as well and comes with sambal chili which most places wouldn't have!

Mee Goreng to share, nice but a tad too spicy for me! :X

Night activity was bb watching video with his daddy who is super glued to his phone!

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